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Simpson Bay, St. Maarten one of the most popular areas on the island

Simpson Bay

Until 1933, Simpson Bay on the Dutch Side of St. Maarten was completely isolated but today Simpson Bay is one of the busiest and most popular areas on the island if not “The” most popular.

Home to the Mega-Yacht sector of the island’s tourism based economy, the Simpson Bay Lagoon is one of St. Maarten’s great natural assets and perhaps the largest enclosed marina in the Caribbean and is a major draw to yacht owners from around the world, particularly in high season when the collection of these mega-yachts boggles the mind.

But Simpson Bay has a lot more to offer than just a place to park your yacht. It has restaurants, art galleries, fast food establishments, liquor and tobacco stores, casinos, beaches, activities and much more. The Simpson Bay Strip has over 50 restaurants of all types and is the largest concentration of major resort hotels including Pelican, Flamingo, Royal Palm and the Atrium. The strip also offers the services of a number of financial institutions. The island’s main banks which have their headquarters in Philipsburg have branches and ATM’s in Simpson Bay.

Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Sport Fishing, Sunset Boat Trips, Day Trips to the outer islands, Bike Riding, Movie Theater Complex, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Internet Cafes (although much Wi-Fi is offered), Mail and Telephone Outlets and Beach Bars are just some of the things available in Simpson Bay. So much to do that you will never be bored.

Where Is St. Maarten?
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