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Biking In St. Maarten / St. Martin

If you’re in St. Maarten, St. Martin and you really want to get a taste of mountain biking in the Caribbean, there is a group that meets every Saturday morning at 6:30 AM in Cole Bay. There is no charge and all levels are welcome. Rides can last from one to two hours.

If you’re a tourist and want to participate, bikes and associated equipment can always be rented at Tri-Sport in Simpson Bay (545-4384). Things to remember when biking in St. Maarten, St. Martin are as follows:
1) Keep hydrated at all times by drinking at least 1 liter of water every hour.
2) Always ride in the early morning or late afternoon.
3) Whenever possible, stay off the main roads.
4) Carry a repair kit for flat tires, broken chains, etc.
5) Wear proper attire and helmet and protection from the sun.
6) Ride with a buddy in case of accident. Ok. Now you’re ready.

I won’t be joining you as I’m a "couch potato" but even couch potatoes have their rules.
1) Never pour potato chips directly from the bag into your mouth to avoid crumbs.
2) If you find yourself drooling out of the corner of your mouth while rapt in the T.V., change positions. Read more couch potato rules here...

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