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St. Maarten Beaches

A great place to watch the sunset, this "little stretch of sand" is also just a few yards from the runway of Princess Juliana Airport. Get out your camera! Nowhere else in the world will you get this close to a landing jumbo jet. You can lie on the beach, catch some rays, and photograph the underbelly of a 747 just a few yards above your head. What a rush! Just don’t get sucked into the fanjet. Nobody has been as yet so don’t worry. Not quite that daring? You can watch the planes take off and land at The Sunset Beach Bar which is located at the other end of Maho Beach.

The Sunset Beach Bar is a great place to hang out, listen to some tunes, and slurp down a few frozen mudslides. You can’t miss it. It’s certainly the most crowded restaurant/bar on the island and you can see the crowd as you’re driving up so if you’re the social type, this one’s for you.

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