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The Gingerbread Gallery on Marina Royale in the French Side Capital of Marigot contains one of the most important collections of Haitian Art in the world. Created in 1984 by Simone Seitre and open to both amateurs and collectors and even the simply curious, Gingerbread Gallery is a museum inhabited by the greatest signatures in Haitian Painting.

Haitian Art can reach the greatest heights of international art and Simone, an ardent fan for over 30 years, has greatly contributed to the worldwide distribution of these masterpieces thanks to numerous exhibitions around the globe.

The Gingerbread Gallery is a window for the principal schools of painting: the Jacmel School (Prefete Duffaut), the Port au Prince School (Jean-Rene Jerome), the Cap Haitien School (Saint-Louis Blaise), the Primitives or Vaudou Painters (Wilson Bigaud, Hector Hyppolite, Georges August) and the Naives and Modernists.

Open the door to this gallery that genuinely touches the history of a people, where excellence is linked to emotion and in which the paintings explode with life.
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