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The Butterfly Farm at Le Gallion St. Martin

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On the road to Le Galion Beach on French St. Martin is one of St. Martin’s most popular and unique tourist attractions, La Ferme des Papillons or the Butterfly Farm. This natural haven offers a display of awesome colors and fluttering beauty in all shapes and sizes and a complete education on the butterflies life cycle and their importance to the entire world.

From the tiny eggs attached to the undersides of tropical leaves to the non-stop eating machines we call caterpillars to the mystery of the cocoon and finally the witnessing the actual emergence of the fully metamorphasized butterflies which is a spectacular sight to behold.

The farm is open daily from 9am and offers visitors guided tours in several languages which frequently leave them awestruck and inspired to create their own butterfly garden back home.

The last of these daily tours takes place at 3pm and it is recommended that visitors wear bright colors and not to forget their cameras. You’ll be sorry if you do. The bright colors attract the butterflies and a little perfume helps also as they will land directly on you as if you were the flowers they feed on.

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