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Wilfrid Moizan St. Martin Artist

St. Martin Art

Wilfrid Moizan was born in Brittany, France in 1969 to a family of artists. Drawing and painting being his favorite means of expression, he became a student at the Fine Arts College in Rennes where he familiarized himself with the different techniques and studied art history.

After completing his studies in 1996, he began to teach art in Normandy before moving to Guadeloupe where he lived for five years. St. Martin, the “artist-friendly” island is where he resides now.

Painting mostly with homemade oils, Wilfrid’s passion for engraving strongly influences his technique. He is mostly inspired by lonely characters and desolate sceneries. Multiple layers of paint, not-so-accidental splashes and muted light effects combine to put viewers in a trancelike state with works that offer no half-measures or compromises.

The home for his works on St. Martin is at the Tropismes Gallery in Grand Case.
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