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Shopping in Marigot St. Martin

Shopping in St. Maarten

The Mediterranean ambience of the French Side Capital of Marigot is different from Dutch Philipsburg as the shopping is spread out throughout the town but parking in Marigot is much easier as there is a huge free parking lot adjacent to Marina Royale.

You might want to start your Marigot day with breakfast at one of the Marina’s wonderful Creperies or Croissanteries before you begin your exploration of town or any one of those available at and adjacent to the famous Open-Air Market.

Rue Charles De Gaulle, opposite the Marina, has a vast assortment of Boutiques, Jewelry Stores, Wine Shops and Parfumeries. If you’re shopping for fashions, shoes and/or perfumes and cosmetics, Marigot, rather than Philipsburg is the place to shop. The open-air market on the water is the place to shop for all those souvenirs and hand-made costume jewelry and all the gifts you want to bring home. The open-air market also has a section of stalls selling fresh vegetables and spices.

There is no shortage of choices of places to eat, from small local stalls to Marigot’s wonderful variety of Cafes and Bistros so you’ll want to hang around for lunch.

Marigot also has the fabulous West Indies Mall, a short walk from the Marina and open-air market. The West Indies mall is a collection of some of the island’s classiest shops and boutiques in a wonderful, marble-floored setting. High up on a hill behind the Mall is Fort Louis, once the stronghold of this colonial outpost and you can climb the stairs for a trip back in history.

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