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The Loterie Farm on French St. Martin

The Loterie Farm on French St. Martin

Adjacent to Pic Paradis (Paradise Peak) which is the highest point on St. Maarten, St. Martin is the nature preserve of the Loterie Farm. In addition to the eco-pleasures of exploring and hiking the Loterie Farm and draped around and attached to some of its majestic trees is a series of high tensile steel cables. These are part of the “Flyzone” because, once attached to them you can zip away high above the forest at speeds in excess of 40 kph for distances of of almost ¼ mile.

The Flyzone experience begins with a hike (shuttle also available) through Loterie Farm’s protected forest under a canopy of the very trees that you will soaring over the tops of. Once ascending to the observation deck at the top of Loterie Farm, you will be at the starting poing of the Flyzone.

Now, hooked in and held by high tech, state of the art equipment and guided by highly trained guides you will discover the reality of Isaac Newton’s Third law. Rigorous hike up and thrill ride down. Multiple traverses hundreds of feet off the ground and criss-crossing high above the forested cantons of Loterie Farm. An experience as close to actually flying as one can get.

Once back at Loterie Farm base, don’t miss the famous and award winning Hidden Forest CafĂ© so visit the Loterie Farm at lunch time to enjoy this reward also.

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