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The importance of finding the perfect place to relax is topmost of most visitor’s priorities when visiting St. Maarten, St. Martin. Luckily, the island has an exceptional variety of good options, from guest houses up to luxury timeshares and exquisite private villas.

The island’s hospitality began with the guest house, a small family-run business where everyone knows your name (Cheers?). A direct descendent of the guest house is the “boutique” hotel which adds some luxuries and more elegant design.

For those who wish to be more at the center of things (although on a 37 sq. mi. island nothing is all that far from the center of things) the beachside mega-hotels, resorts and timeshare developments host new visitors and island veterans. Nearly all the hotels have in-house dining options but none are far from the main restaurant strips which offer many choices in both style, cuisine and price. Hook up with a car rental (absolutely essential on a small island as you’ll want to be able to scoot about from attraction to beach to restaurants with ease), island tour or boat trip and don’t worry about dinner until after sundown.

There will come a point when St. Maarten, St. Martin starts to feel like a home away from home and you might want to put down roots. Timeshare is still in good health in this part of the Caribbean and the repeat visitors to the island are a testament to the good deals on offer.

Some larger luxury condo developments are now making their appearance all over the island and this might be a good time to get your foot in the door as they are all selling out rapidly. Yet another testament to the popularity of St. Maarten, St. Martin.

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