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St. Maarten Island

If you're a first timer to St. Maarten then like everyone else that came before you, you're probably asking the obvious question, Where is St. Maarten? At 18.02 latitude and 63.07 longitude and sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the dual island of St. Maarten, St. Martin is the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two sovereign nations, France and the Netherlands. Of the island’s 37 sq. mi., 20.5 are on the French Side and 16.5 on the Dutch.

The official languages are Dutch, French and English but there are over 100 nationalities on the island so you can hear anything from French Creole to Spanish to Cantonese to Hindi.

The island is 9.3 miles in length and 8 miles at its widest with its highest point on the island is Pic Paradis (Paradise Peak) on the French Side at 1,392 ft. Simpson Bay Lagoon is the largest in the Caribbean and the island is blessed with 37 unique and beautiful beaches.

The official populations are 41,000 on the Dutch Side and 36,000 on the French Side but in actuality the populations of both sides are much higher as many residents are not in the census and do not carry permits.

The currencies are the Dutch Antillean Guilder and the Euro but the U.S. Dollar is accepted everywhere. I have lived on the island for 26 years and never have either a guilder or a Euro in my pocket. The Euro value versus the U.S. Dollar varies but the Guilder/Dollar comparison is consistent. Most prices on the Dutch Side are listed in guilders but can easily be translated to dollar value by dividing the guilder amount in half and adding 10%. Ergo: 10 guilders would equal approximately $5.50.

The weather in winter is generally 66-89 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summer averages 72-89 Fahrenheit. The summer weather in the U.S. is generally hotter and far more humid as St. Maarten, St. Martin has the benefit of wonderful and gentle Trade Winds.

Where is St. Maarten

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