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Where Is St. Maarten? - Location of St. Maarten / St. Martin

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Where exactly is the dual Caribbean island of St. Maarten, St. Martin located? As long as the pilot of your plane knows, you shouldn’t worry about it but if he’s confused, it might be a good idea for you to know so you can help him find it.

St. Maarten, St. Martin is located at 18.02 latitude and 63.07 longitude and sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. This would be on your map at the top right corner of the Caribbean chain just to the East of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and is part of the Netherlands Antilles.

The Caribbean chain begins below Florida with the largest of the islands, Cuba. It then continues East and turns South after St. Maarten, St. Martin ending with Trinidad and Tobago just off the coast of Venezuela.

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St. Maarten Hotels, Resorts & Timeshare

Spiga Restaurant in Grand Case St. Martin

St. Martin Restaurants

In a restored Creole home on the northern end of Grand Case, you’ll discover a delightful piece of Italy. For 10 years, Chef Ciro Russo and his wife Lara have been luring diners to their tranquil restaurant away from the hubbub of Grand Case’s Restaurant Row.

In English “Spiga” means “ear of wheat” and the restaurant is a shrine to hand-made pasta. From Veal Ravioli to Pork Tenderloin Cavatelli, the food is lovingly prepared, served on Bernardaud China and rounded out with a list of over 150 Italian wines.

The Red Piano Bar, Great Live Entertainment in Pelican St. Maarten

St. Maarten Entertainment

One of the popular places for after-dinner evening fun if you want to get away from the casino’s and discos is The Red Piano at Pelican Resort in Simpson Bay and it’s open daily from 7pm until the last person drops. The Red Piano features live entertainment specializing, of course, in sing-along pianists and after a few drinks, everybody is singing along. The Red Piano has become THE place to go for drinks and perhaps dancing. You may even feel the urge to join in with a song yourself.

Le Pressoir Restaurant in Grand Case St. Martin

St. Martin Restaurants

There is something about each restaurant that sets it apart all the others. At Le Pressoir in Grand Case, everything sets it aside. Named after the ancient salt press facing the restaurant, visitors to Le Pressoir are awed by its colorful and intricately restored Creole fa├žade and it is one of the most photographed restaurants on the island.

Taste of St. Martin award winning Chef Franck Mear shares his passion for gastronomy and presents you with an extensive and fine French menu featuring such delights as Rolled Sea Scallops in Mango Butter Sauce and home-made slices of Rhum Jumbie Marinated Foie Gras. The menu is complemented one of the best wine lists with 250 references.

Zee Best Restaurant in Simpson Bay St. Maarten

St. Maarten Restaurants

Primarily famous for its breakfasts and closing for the day after lunch, Zee Best now has 3 locations on St. Maarten, St. Martin. Simpson Bay Yacht Club and Port de Plaisance on the Dutch Side and Marina Royale on the French Side in Marigot.

Established in 1983, Zee Best serves its famous pastries baked fresh every morning, a great coffee selection, freshly squeezed juices, crepes and everything you could imagine with eggs. Zee Best makes the most important meal of the day the most delicious.

Voted the best breakfast place in St. Maarten, St. Martin every year, Zee Best has just begun serving lunch from 12 to 2 pm and is open 7 days a week.

Simpson Bay

Antoine Restaurant at Great Bay in Philipsburg St. Maarten

St. Maarten Restaurants

Located on the waterfront overlooking Great Bay in Philipsburg, Antoine Restaurant has been a star of the culinary scene on St. Maarten since 1978. The New York Times voted Antoine’s Lobster Thermidor the best on the island but diners also come for the eclectic French/Italian menu inspired by co-owner Jean-Pierre Pomarico.

The Seafood Linguini is wonderful and the Duck in Cherry Sauce flavored with Cherry Brandy is also special. During the day you can enjoy a cool drink at the beach bar on the Ocean Walk while at night you can enjoy dinner by the soft breezes and twinkling lights of Great Bay.

St. Maarten Condo Craze

St. Maarten Condos

Years ago, if you wanted to purchase a vacation home on St. Maarten, your options would have been limited but it was a lot less expensive then. But as the popularity St. Maarten, St. Martin began spreading, developers took notice and started responding to the demand for accommodations.

In the past five years there have been more than twenty new condo developments added to the island’s real estate inventory. The interest from buyers has been so great that many developers sold their entire inventory before their buildings were even completed.

The desire to own property in St. Maarten has never been greater. Buyers in today’s market are benefitting from a variety of options when looking at condos and there are opportunities to purchase pre-construction as well as newly built inventory.

Condos on St. Maarten can range in price anywhere between $200,000 to $2,000,000. Many buyers use their condos as rental properties for other vacationers when they are not using it themselves, making this a very lucrative option.

Where Is St. Maarten

St. Martin’s Spiceman The Secret Ingredients to SXM Recipes

St. Maarten

The heart of our rich Caribbean cuisine lies in the mysteries of its exotic Concoctions and St. Martin’s Spiceman is at the very epicenter of this. Favored by visitors and restaurant owners, Miguel Lilia artfully brings the Spice of life to the island’s culinary circuit.

Miguel has become a familiar face to anyone who appreciates good food. A visit to his stand in the famed Open-Air Market in Marigot is an adventure in itself as you’ll discover ingredients that you may never have heard of before.

Miguel’s trade is a combination of science, art and tradition and he has carried on with his family’s traditions and many spicy secrets he learned from his grandparents. Miguel often spends weeks on end traveling around the Caribbean to places such as Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Grenada and Dominica to source his unique wares and even ventures as far afield as the Amazonian forests, Brazil, Africa and Madagascar to bring back the freshest and most unique spices.

Miguel has recently launched his own line of spicy sauces known as Kalina products which include a wide range of unique flavors such as Creole, jerk, banana and garlic as well as mango, pineapple, passion fruit, papaya and green pepper.

For all those who love to spend creative time in the kitchen and those with an adventurous palate, no visit to St. Martin would be complete without a visit to the Spiceman. You will, no doubt be going to the Open-Air Market during your stay so be sure not to miss the Spiceman.

August Monday on Anguilla

St. Maarten Activities

While the party of August Monday takes place on Anguilla, it is also very much a St. Maarten, St. Martin event as the dual island is only six miles away and twenty minutes by ferry and most of the revelers come over from here.

Sailing is Anguilla’s national sport and on August Monday crews battle it out in handmade yachts for a hefty jackpot.

Cheered on by what seems to be the entire population, the racing is tough and furious. At the same time, August Monday is something of a last hoorah before hurricane season. A fleet of boats comes over from St. Maarten, St. Martin and spills out hundreds of party goers to romp on the beach and to enjoy a drink or two or seven and watch the racing.

Weaving your way through the throng of revelers who pack impromptu bars on the beach dancing to live music, it’s hard to imagine that for the other 364 days of the year, this stretch of beach is a strip of tranquility. On this day, however, Neptune gives way to Bacchus.

Jewelry Shopping: Buying Pearls @ Pearl Gems in St. Maarten

St. Maarten Shopping

The Dutch Side capital of Philipsburg has over 100 jewelry stores along Front Street and all of them are high-quality and reputable. They have to be reputable because most jewelry stores on St. Maarten rely on repeat customers on an island with many thousands of repeat visitors per year. But with all these jewelry stores, there are a few that specialize in either a certain type of gem or are exclusive with certain well known brands. Let’s talk about Pearls.

Pearl Gems on Front Street is renowned for carrying the largest selection of pearls in the Caribbean at excellent prices. With a buying office in Kobe, Japan and regular visits to pearl farms, they source the choicest pearls at the most competitive wholesale prices. Pearl Gems also manufactures one-of-a-kind creations with pearls imported from all parts of the world.

Pearl Gems has a large selection of Black and Brown Tahitian, White Australian and Golden South Sea pearls in natural colors as well as all varieties of cultured and freshwater pearls and has an “unstrung” selection from which to choose those for custom stringing and clasping.

Pearl Gems is a member of the Caribbean Gemological Institute and the Cultured Pearl Association of America and has U.S. Service Centers for the buyer’s convenience. All purchases at Pearl Gems are guaranteed and come with certified appraisals.

St. Maarten Charter Yacht Show

St. Maarten

Contributing to the reputation of St. Maarten as a hideout of the rich and famous has been the recent growth of the fleet of Mega-Yachts that use the island as a winter base. The island’s duty free status, availability of 300 top gourmet restaurants, easy access to all of the 37 sq. mi. island and its high quality marine services and proximity to the cruising grounds of St. Barths and Anguilla tip the scales in St. Maarten’s favor.

It was thus a natural step for the Marine Trades Association to start St. Maarten’s first boat show in 2004, the St. Maarten Charter Yacht Exhibition. Every December, yachts from all over the world line up at Port de Plaisance Marina to make themselves available for inspection by yacht brokers and agents.

The Charter Show serves as an opportunity for the broker to learn every aspect of any particular yacht before recommending it for charter rental. To sample the chef’s creations, try out the beds, verify the condition of all its amenities and spend time with the crews. Also important are the “Yacht Hops”, private parties aboard the yachts that go on until early morning that take place by invitation only.

The schedule of events includes the “Concours de Chefs” which is one of the high points of the show. John Jackson, chef owner of Saratoga Restaurant in Simpson Bay, heads up the panel of judges while chefs from the yachts serve up their best culinary creations. This prestigious competition carries accolades throughout the yachting industry.

Award Winning Chefs of St. Maarten, St. Martin

St. Maarten Restaurants

The chef’s competition kicks off every November with the local Taste of St. Maarten Competition where island chefs battle it out for the chance to represent the island at the Caribbean Hotels Association event in Miami. The aim of the Taste of SXM Competition is to encourage new and innovative ways of preparing dishes, showcase individual skills and provide exposure for local culinary professionals. Another purpose is to promote careers in the restaurant industry for the island’s youth so that by seeing what the industry has to offer, they might go on to emulate the professionals.

In June of 2005, a group of St. Maarten, St. Martin chefs boarded a flight to Miami, walked into the Taste of the Caribbean Culinary Competition and fired up the burners. After three days of “cook-off” tastings they were the only team left standing. With an overall team gold, St. Maarten, St. Martin was, in its first attempt, officially the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.

Where is St. Maarten

St. Maarten, St. Martin’s "Bush" Remedies

St. Maarten

Spearheaded by a group of local Rastafarian farmers, an agricultural wave is aiming to revive knowledge of local “bush” remedies. A brief look at which plant cures what ailment is just a scintilla of what any Caribbean grandmother can tell you.

Tamarind: The looming Tamarind tree has been providing pools of shade in the Caribbean for over two centuries since its introduction from Asia. Beyond the providing of shade, the tree is a pharmacy. Boil down the paste from its pods and add sugar to make a refreshing juice which is a mild purgative and immune system booster.

Aloe: Found all over the Caribbean, growing everywhere, is this “miracle” plant. While there are over 400 species of aloe in the world, only Aloe Vera is used in herbal medicine. More people are familiar with aloe than with any other Caribbean plant as the word “aloe” is plastered all over the suntan lotions they buy. Score the fleshy leaves and the plant oozes a gluey, bitter, sap. A small drop of this sap in something sweet has a cleansing, laxative effect but it is best known for direct application to sunburns, rashes, cuts and eczema not to mention all other kinds of burns.

Soursop: Also known as Graviola, Guanabana or Corossal, the smooth, shiny leaves are boiled to make a tea with a calming, sedative effect that’s good for insomnia and to fight fever. It can also be made into a juice that has a taste between banana and strawberry.

Lemon Grass: Also known as Citronella or Fever Grass it has a wonderful citrus smell. Mosquitoes hate it which is why the leaves are crushed and the oil used as a repellant. It can also be used to brew a tea which treats colds and tension.

Noni: A South East Asian plant that has been taking the world of herbal medicines by storm. The extract of its nobbly fruit is turned into Noni Juice which is now a $2 billion global commodity. Noni Juice has antioxidant properties, aids digestion, cuts cholesterol and boosts energy.

Relaxing on St. Maarten, St. Martin

Where is St. Maarten

The importance of finding the perfect place to relax is topmost of most visitor’s priorities when visiting St. Maarten, St. Martin. Luckily, the island has an exceptional variety of good options, from guest houses up to luxury timeshares and exquisite private villas.

The island’s hospitality began with the guest house, a small family-run business where everyone knows your name (Cheers?). A direct descendent of the guest house is the “boutique” hotel which adds some luxuries and more elegant design.

For those who wish to be more at the center of things (although on a 37 sq. mi. island nothing is all that far from the center of things) the beachside mega-hotels, resorts and timeshare developments host new visitors and island veterans. Nearly all the hotels have in-house dining options but none are far from the main restaurant strips which offer many choices in both style, cuisine and price. Hook up with a car rental (absolutely essential on a small island as you’ll want to be able to scoot about from attraction to beach to restaurants with ease), island tour or boat trip and don’t worry about dinner until after sundown.

There will come a point when St. Maarten, St. Martin starts to feel like a home away from home and you might want to put down roots. Timeshare is still in good health in this part of the Caribbean and the repeat visitors to the island are a testament to the good deals on offer.

Some larger luxury condo developments are now making their appearance all over the island and this might be a good time to get your foot in the door as they are all selling out rapidly. Yet another testament to the popularity of St. Maarten, St. Martin.
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