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St. Maarten Car Rentals ( SXM St. Martin Rental Car Guide )

St. Maarten Car Rentals

There are nearly 100 car rental companies in St. Maarten / St. Martin, approximately 20 of which are the larger and better known companies. Below is a list of some of the top car rental companies in St. Maarten St. Martin, you are welcome to surf all their web sites before you make your choice of a rental car. If you'd have the luxury of time to go through all these different car rentals before making your choice you can head over to OneStopSXM where they have a compiled list of the BEST OF THE BEST cars from the top car rental companies on the island into one single website. Their list has been compiled to include all the vehicles offered by the various rental companies and the best prices for each hence providing a wide variety of car models and prices. With over 30 different models to choose from Onestopsxm caters for all budgets whether you're looking to rent a economy car or a SUV. Book Your SXM Car Rental now.

Booking Your St. Maarten/ St. Martin Car Rental

When coming to St. Maarten, St. Martin it is advised to book your auto well in advance of your arrival to be guaranteed of your selection. Quite a few of the car rentals listed below have websites if you wish you can always check their website to see if they offer online booking. A word of advise when booking your car online, it is much safer to book with those websites that offer you to pay a deposit to secure your booking as what happens sometimes is at the airport booth it's first come first serve and everyone is fighting for a customer. So to avoid having your car go to someone else secure your booking with a deposit.

Easy Airport Pickup

Auto Rental SXM Airport
Another major concern when booking your car is, where do you pick up it up once you've arrived on SXM. Many of the top car rentals have booths conveniently located in the Arrivals Hall at Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten's main airport. It's always a good idea to try to book with a car rental that will either pick you up or bring your car for you upon your arrival. If you're booking with OneStopSXM, no worries, all of this is already taken cared of, all of the agencies they list on OneStopSXM have a location at the airport. You simply print out your confirmation from your email to show the rental company's agent upon arrival and be transported to your car.

Where Is St. Maarten?
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