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Timesharing Understanding the Timeshare Industry

 The timesharing industry has been a hotbed of controversy ever since its inception many years ago but the industry is still going strong. The important things to know about timeshares is 1) The value of the timeshare is in the use of it and 2) Destination based timeshares are the most valuable.

All timeshares are affiliated with one of two major exchange companies, R.C.I. or Interval International. These companies arrange for exchange of ones timeshare week/s for equivalent properties around the world for any particular vacation period. So in theory, if you own a timeshare in Indiana, you can exchange it for Hawaii or the Caribbean or skiing in Aspen every year. Well it’s possible but not likely.

The value of the timeshare you own has a direct bearing upon its exchangeability and the season, high or low, at your home resort is another factor. Most timeshares worldwide are sold with exchange in mind. I mean nobody purchases a timeshare in Iowa to go there every year. They want Paris. Remember that an exchange company wants to fill your timeshare unit if you exchange and they’re not exactly deluged with requests for Nebraska. This is why 2) Destination based timeshares are the best. If you own high season at a highly requested destination, the exchange companies will be anxious to fulfill your request as they probably have a line-up of people wanting your resort. What is high season? Winter at a ski resort or in the Caribbean for example. Who needs Vale in August. The Caribbean and Hawaii and the like are not slaves to “high season” even though it will be the winter. Other times of year on a Caribbean island are lucrative also.

To get back to 1) The value of your timeshare is the use of it. Don’t listen to any high pressure investment pitch, timeshare is not an investment that’s going to double in price. Its value is in the purchasers knowing exactly where he/she/they are going and the level of quality of their accommodations. You also want to be sure that when purchasing a timeshare, in the event you are unable to get the exchange you want that you’re perfectly happy going back to your home resort. Most timeshare owners in the best and most popular destinations never even request exchanges making their home property that much more sought after by others. Availability is low.

Timeshares are also suites as opposed to hotel rooms and are usually designed for 4 people or more but sleep 2 studios are also offered by most resorts. The units also have cooking facilities. Not just a hotplate but fully equipped kitchen facilities. Family of 4 going on vacation? Now THERE”S a saving. That refrigerator is GOLD.


Speedeamon said...

You have to be careful when it comes to donating timeshares. Watch for the donate timeshares ripoffs. There are so many out there!

Anonymous said...

I think the worst scam is the donate timeshares scam. You think your getting timeshare relief and helping a charity but your actually getting scammed. That is a shame.

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