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St. Maarten Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing offers you a safe, peaceful, yet exhilarating way to fly. With nothing but the sound of the wind in your ears (unless you’re a screamer of course), you can soar hundreds of feet above the waves, strapped to an oversized parachute and pulled along by a powerful speedboat.

Each 15-minute, heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping experience comes in three levels of intensity. Low, Medium or High. Actually there are a fourth and fifth levels, the fourth being “cut the rope” and the fifth being “Hurricane”. The fifth is a good way to start in St. Maarten, St. Martin and be in Venezuela within ten minutes. “Anybody see Dave?”

In case you didn’t know, Parasailing was invented by the Greeks back in 234 B.C. Of course they had no parachutes so it was one of their more dangerous sports with more than a few fatalities. I mean strapping a rope around ones ankle and being dragged by horse or oxen over a cliff cannot be much fun.

Whichever level of excitement you want, get strapped in and you’ll be seeing the Island from a completely different perspective so be sure to take your camera. Probably the best venue for Parasailing is at Bikini Beach on Orient Bay although it’s offered at other beaches and through Aquamania Adventures in Simpson Bay. (544-2640).

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When my family and I came of the cruise ship, we wanted to spend some time on the beach in Philipsburg. The beach boy that offered us the beach chairs, also asked if we where interested in parasailing. He told me it was just a 5 minute walk away.
My two teenage daughters where interested, and the beach guy walked them over.
Me and my wife stayed at the beach enjoying the sunshine.

When I went to get some drinks at a bar nearby a local guy talked to me whilst I was awaiting the drinks. I told him my two daughters were parasailing. He told me that a convicted rapist named Lulu was working on that same parasailing boat.
Obviously I was shocked, and asked him if he was sure. He told me the man used to be his friend until he raped a female friend of him. He told me he spent only 4 months in jail because he was a born and raised St. Martiner.

I immediately called my daughters on their cell hoping they have it with them (in the air)
Luckily they had, and I warned them to be careful with this man, and on return to the shore, leave as quick as possible.

I am still shocked and it completely ruined my day knowing that my daughters could have been raped by this man. How is it possible that a convicted rapist is working in the tourist service?

I would advise everybody NOT to go to Size Matters Parasailing. On the French side there is also parasailing, and it is right at a beautiful beach called Orient Bay. And a taxi trip is less then $10

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