Welcome To St. Maarten St. Martin

The Loterie Farm in St. Martin

The highest elevation on the dual island of St. Maarten, St. Martin is Pic Paradis (Paradise Peak) on the French Side and just adjacent is the island’s famous nature preserve, The Loterie Farm and its “Flyzone” experience. This is a series of high tensile steel cables that, once attached to them, allow you to “zip” along them at speeds in excess of 40 kph through the treetops.

The Flyzone experience begins either with a rigorous hike or safari shuttle through the forest under a canopy of the very trees that you will soon be soaring over the very tops of. The hike, along a brand new trail created specifically for nature lovers, ascends to the recently built observation deck and starting point of the Flyzone.

Now comes the reward. Hooked in and held on by high tech, state of the art, mountaineering equipment and guided by Loterie Farm’s highly trained staff, you will be able to glide, criss-crossing high above the deep and forested canyons below along “zip lines”. A unique thrill-ride.

Once finished, you will have many choices, among which are dining at the Loterie Farm’s award winning Hidden Forest CafĂ© or Mojitos and tapas at the Tree Lounge.
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