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Simpson Bay has become the restaurant Capital on the Dutch Side of the island. While Marigot and Grand Case have the lion’s share of restaurants on French St. Martin, Simpson Bay took over restaurant dominance from the Dutch Side St. Maarten capital of Philipsburg many years ago. There are several reasons for this, the greatest of which is that the largest marina’s are in Simpson Bay for visiting boats and yachts as well as several of the largest resort hotels. It is also a short distance from Maho and the resort hotels there. In short. Lots of people.

Among the most popular of these restaurants is Jimbo’s Mesquite Grill also known as Jimbo’s Rock and Blues CafĂ©. Just off the main road at the Simpson Bay Yacht Club and near to other restaurants such as Zee Best and Saratoga, Jimbo’s is a large, mostly open-air, premise that even has a swimming pool with a swim-up bar. The food is primarily Tex-Mex but Tex-Mex is not all the restaurant serves. It’s Stuffed Grouper in Lobster Sauce has been called by many, including this writer, the single best dish on this gourmet island regardless of restaurant type. That’s right. The French ones too. Also well-known for Steak and Lobster Fajitas, Jimbo’s excels in all the other Mexican fare added to a great warm atmosphere and great Rock and Blues music.

Oh. I must mention that almost every restaurant claims the best hamburger, even those restaurants whose hamburgers are terrible but I can assure you the truly best hamburger is at Jimbo’s. I say this not to put aside all the other great dishes Jimbo’s has but hey, you’ve got to have a great hamburger too.

The proprietor and creator of Jimbo’s, Jimbo himself, is an American who is yet another reason for the restaurants popularity with his affable personality, friendliness and sense of humor. And he’s always there, as any really good restaurateur should be, making sure everything is perfect.
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