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Divi Little Bay Resort in St. Maarten

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The first true resort to be established on St. Maarten, Divi Little Bay has grown tremendously since then and remains one of the island’s premiere resort/timeshares. Located directly on the beach at Little Bay, “Little Bay” is what the original resort was simply named until it was purchased by the Divi Corporation in the 1980’s and became one of the island’s largest timeshare properties. It still is and is still actively and successfully selling and is generally referred to as just “Divi”.

One of St. Maarten’s landmarks, Fort Amsterdam, is adjacent to the property and the resort is within a 5 minute drive to shopping in the Dutch Side capital of Philipsburg and also only a 15 minute drive to the Simpson Bay area and all its restaurants and nightlife although Divi itself boasts its own restaurants, swimming pools and activities.


Speedeamon said...

You have to be careful when it comes to donating timeshares. Watch for the donate timeshares ripoffs. There are so many out there.

Kelly said...

Divi Little Bay Resort is gorgeous. My husband and I stayed at a friend's timeshare there. We are considering purchasing our own, however, we are wary of transfer on the spot scams if we ever go to sell it.

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