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St. Maarten, St. Martin is a diver’s paradise and offers many shipwrecks for the enthusiast to dive among which are:

HMS Proselyte which sank in 1801 and is the island’s most popular wreck site. Although not much is left of the actual ship as it was wooden, you can find 13 encrusted cannons and 3 huge anchors. It is a beautiful site with walls of colorful corals and all varieties of sea life. The depth is 45-50 feet at the bottom.

Carib Cargo is a 200 ft. cargo ship lost during hurricane Luis in 1995. The depth is 65 feet and the wreck features many different varieties of fish such as Yellow Tails, Spanish Hog Fish, Grunts, Drums, Sting Rays and many more. Divers can penetrate the wheelhouse and engine room.

Lucy’s Barge is a broken up boat at a depth of 50-65 feet and is home to much sea life including reef sharks.

Tiegland is also a broken up ship surrounded by colorful reef at 65-70 feet with thousands of fish and some lobsters.

At Little Bay there are 5 wrecks, cannons and a real yellow submarine within a protected area. There are lots of easy shallow dives and a great variety of life including Yellow Tail, Snappers, Parrot Fish, Squid, Lobsters, Eels, Sting rays, Octopus and much more.

Gregory is an upside down barge surrounded by a small reef in calm waters at 54 feet.

Fu Sheng is a Japanese fishing vessel sunk in 120 feet of water. Garden Eels, Barracudas and sponges around the wreck.

The Bridge where 3 small boats sunk near each other. Lots of sea life including Sea Horses at a depth of 50-53 feet.

Porpoise is a tugboat sank in 2004. This is an awesome dive with tons of life. Divers can penetrate much of this wreck at a depth of 85 feet at the bottom and 40 feet at the top.


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