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The Market Woman Statue in Marigot

There is a statue in the Marigot Marketplace on French St. Martin. The statue is called "The Market Woman" and has become not only the island’s most recognizable work of art but a symbol of St. Maarten, St. Martin itself. The statue was created by Marty Lynn .

In 1976, Marty and his artist wife Gloria moved to St. Martin from New York City with their family. Setting up their studio in Grand Case, the Lynn's became central to the island's artistic movement through their own works and through their help and support to other artists. Two months ago, Marty Lynn passed away.

Their son, the artist Robbie Lynn, has resided on our neighboring island of Saba for many years and being our good friend, joined myself, Jimbo, Marilee and Steve for dinner at Mai’s in Marigot last night.

Today, Sunday, a memorial tribute to Marty was held at his statue in the marketplace from which I just returned. Attended by friends, Marty's fellow artists and prominent members of government of all races, it was a touching tribute to the man and his work. Particularly touching as it gathered so many native St. Martin people to honor a man that wasn’t born here but had entered the hearts of so many that were. That’s St. Maarten, St. Martin for you. I felt privileged to be there among such company.

When you're here, there’s no doubt you’ll be visiting the marketplace during your vacation so be sure to stop, view and perhaps take photos next to “The Market Woman” so you can be a part of the island’s history also.

Marty Lynn. 1925-2005.

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