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Climb A Volcano

Climb a Volcano. Does that sound like fun? Well if the Volcano is extinct and it isn’t spewing fire and ash while you’re climbing, it can be.
We have three of them nearby, only one of which has shown activity during the last few years. That’s the one in Montserrat. In fact, fine dust from that volcano was making its way here to St. Maarten/ St. Martin and could be seen primarily as a fine film forming on cars. In Montserrat, however, it was quite the event and is still being actively monitored by vulcanologists on that island. But we do have peaceful ones, those being Mt. Scenery on Saba and The Quill on St. Eustasia (Statia to us).

As Saba is only 32 miles from St. Maarten/ St. Martin, Mt. Scenery can be clearly seen on most days rising up out of the ocean to the South and dominating that view. Farther away, The Quill can be seen on most clear days as well. Mt. Scenery is the most frequently visited as Saba enjoys a goodly amount of Eco-Tourism, attracting many divers to it’s world renowned waters and hikers to its rainforests. High Speed Ferries such as The Edge and regular small aircraft service to Saba make it a very convenient place to visit if you’re staying here. Saba is only 5 sq. miles and has only two addresses, both relating to Mt. Scenery. The Top and The Bottom. You can climb Mt. Scenery during your visit.

The volcano has been extinct for 5,000 years so there’s little chance that it’s going to go ballistic while you’re exploring it. While you’re climbing, I’ll wait in the car. Ok? Now The Quill in Statia I did climb but it was under duress. I was half of the Craig and Lenny radio show (the Lenny half) and back in ’94 I was invited as part of a group of 7 island personalities to take the first flight on a new air service to the island. Part of this trip was to be the Quill climb and I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I liked the lunch part though.

Craig and myself drew straws and I lost so there I was. But I did make it up there, even climbing hand over hand through the top of the forest to peer down into its forest-covered cone (caldera). I got a t-shirt announcing “I Conquered The Quill” and the hike back was far easier being downhill and all. Oh. Let me give you a little known fact about Statia. Did you know that after the Revolutionary War, Statia was the first foreign government to recognize the sovereign United States?

That really pissed off the British so they subsequently raided and razed the island but to this day all Statians hold great pride in this note to their heritage and Americans are their “hands down” favorite people. They also have a fortress from that period in absolutely perfect condition with American Flags flying. I know that has nothing to do with volcanoes but it’s not like you’re paying me or anything.

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