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St. Martin Butterfly Farm Tragedy

It is with regret that I report to you the tragic event at St. Maarten, St. Martin’s famous “Butterfly Farm” involving the death of Mrs. Sophie Gowanus of Bronx , N.Y.

Visiting La Ferme des Papillons on Tuesday, Mrs. Gowanus wore the bright clothing suggested to attract butterflies and was also encouraged by her family to put orange juice on her hands to do the same. What ensued was the most vicious attack by these small and otherwise delicate creatures ever recorded. Once incited by the bright colors and orange juice combination, the butterflies attacked and the 87 year old matron was surrounded and virtually eaten alive before the horrified eyes of her family and other visitors.

Suspicions were raised when Mrs. Gowanus’ nephew, Irwin Lefko, was seen pouring additional orange juice over his aunt during the attack but Mr. Lefko firmly denied this and expressed his great sorrow over her passing despite the $600,000 inheritance. “We all loved Auntie and had hoped to have her around for at least another 10 years” a sobbing Lefko said to interviewers as he phoned the insurance company just moments after the attack.

“I’ve never seen anything like it” said Butterfly Farm owner, Willie Slayter, as he helped shovel the remains of Mrs. Gowanus into plastic bags “They’re ordinarily the gentlest of creatures. Who knew?” But on further inquiry, Mr. Slayter did admit to almost losing an arm to an enraged butterfly in 1997.

When consulted about this, the islands noted lepidopterist, Dr. Lex Blackman, said “They can fly and you can’t so you really don’t want to piss them off”.

In spite of this singular tragedy, it is expected that The Butterfly Farm will still be one of St. Maarten, St. Martin’s most popular attractions, orange juice or not.

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