Welcome To St. Maarten St. Martin

Glasses & Island Fire Hotsauce at Jimbos Restaurant in Simpson Bay St. Maarten

Two things about going to the very popular Jimbo’s café restaurant in the Simpson Bay Yacht Club on Dutch St. Maarten. The first is PLEASE DON’T STEAL THE GLASSES. Now we know you’re having a great time there and are probably downing your share of Margaritas and figuring “What the heck” but it’s become a problem as the glassware Jimbo uses is particularly beautiful and everybody wants them.

So here’s the good news. You can buy them. All you want. Get yourself a service for 8 if you choose as Jimbo has now set up a brand name merchandise section of his restaurant where you can not only get all the beautiful glasses you want but also T-Shirts, Cowboy Hats, etc. Believe it or not, as popular as everything is, it’s the Cowboy Hats that Jim can’t keep in stock. As soon as they come in they get sold out.

The second thing is Jimbo’s Famous “Island Fire” Habanera Hot Salsa. This is a tremendously popular number, particularly among St. Maarteners (the best recommendation possible) and not for the squeamish. This one was out of stock for the longest time due to unavailability of the right peppers but it’s back in and the “fire mouths” are loving it. Just so you know, this stuff is “home made”. How can I be sure of this? It’s my home that it’s made in. Yup. I’m the “mouth igniter” for the island of St. Maarten, St. Martin.

Now you can buy a lot of different hot sauces on the island but there’s no contest. This one is the “real thing”. So when you’re down here and eating at Jimbo’s (as everybody does) be sure to try some but don’t be swabbing it all over your tortilla before you taste test a tiny amount. The ambulance is not always available.


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