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St. Maarten / St. Martin is one of the most unique destinations in the caribbean for many different reasons. The first and most notable being that it's a dual nation. That's right DUAL. St. Maarten is both French and Dutch with it's mother countries being France and Holland respectively. This amazing destination is home to over 80 different nations with immigrants from East, West and even North and South. Even with a mixed population it's one of the most friendly islands in the caribbean.

St. Maarten attracts different people for different reasons, from those wishing to relocate for hope of a better life, to those vacationing and then of course you have the wise guys which are those taking advantage of the many attractive investment opportunities that this unique rock has to offer.

But before most travellers jump on a plane they first do their research which is probably what brought you to this site. Well guess what you've come to the right place. This is the most complete information site making sure that all readers are absolutely informed on everything that St. Maarten has to offer. So whether your plans are relocating, vacationing or investing this is the right blog for you. Here you'll get a sneak preview of what makes this place such an exciting destination, from parties to beaches, restaurants, casinos, real estate, beautiful weather and even the amazing Princess Juliana International Airport with 747s landing right above the head of those sunbathing on Maho Beach. Read and enjoy and be sure to post all your questions and comments.

Facts about St Maarten/St Martin

St. Maarten is the smallest Island in the world to be shared by two sovereign governments-namely the Dutch and French. The Dutch side, with Philipsburg as its capital occupies the southern 17 square miles of this 37-square-mile island; St. Martin, a French dependency, occupies the northern half. The dual nationality adds variety to this most unique of island gems in the Caribbean Sea. Both Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin have maintained a peaceful coexistence for over 350 years, the longest of any two bordering nations. The two territories have enjoyed harmonious relations through their history and have shared the prosperity of many years without dispute. The Treaty of Concordia executed on March 23rd 1648 established this coexistence and has the unique distinction of being the oldest Treaty still in force today.

As part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dutch St. Maarten has been both politically and economically stable. The territory is not only a safe and pleasant place to do business, but also to establish roots and raise a family. The total population has grown from 13,156 in 1980 to nearly 39,000 in year 2000. It is estimated that the population of St. Maarten consists of 77 different nationalities. The native languages are English and Dutch.
Important Facts

The island is in the Caribbean Sea, 18.02 latitude and 63.07 longitude, 150 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. it covers 37 square miles, with Dutch St. Maarten on the South spanning 16 square miles and French Saint Martin on the North covering 21. The island is the smallest landmass to be shared by two separate governments. Capitals - Philipsburg on Great Bay is the capital of St. Maarten. Marigot is the capital of Saint Martin.

As a part of the Netherlands Antilles and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, St. Maarten boasts 140 different nationalities. Saint Martin is a commune of Guadeloupe, an overseas territory of France.

English is spoken everywhere, but Dutch is the official language of St.Maarten, and French the official language of Saint Martin. On the Dutch side, you can also hear Spanish, Papiamentu, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, and other languages. On the French side, Creole Patois is also spoken.

41,000 people live on St.Maarten and 36,000 on Saint Martin.

Sunny and warm year-round, with some cooling from trade winds. Average temperature during the winter season is 80F (27C) and a few degrees warmer anymore humid in the summer. Occasional showers in late summer and early fall, with average annual rainfall of 45 inches.

Where Is St. Maarten?


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St. Martin is blessed with many beautiful beaches, each one with it’s own character and attributes, and all open to the public. It’s fun to drive around and find them on your own. The signage on St. Martin is not the best so you’re left to your own navigational skills to locate most of them. However, the island is small enough that you can’t get too far lost.

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Caribbean Cruise said...

Nice post and nice clip, I liked both of them. My friend was in St. Martin during his travel around the world via ECT. I liked his photos from there.

Unknown said...

St. Martin is certainly one of the greatest island we've been to.

We have visit almost all the island of the Caribbean sea and St. Martin is so unique with its French and Dutch sides, its magnificent and all different 34 beaches, its gourmet food and French croissants in the morning that we have decided to buy our little piece of paradise on the French side near Marigot, Studio Marigot on the island of St. Martin.

We are very happy and we hope that everyone can visit some day St. Martin.

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